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We connect technology buyers and suppliers of coatings

Access the coatings industry-related product data, knowledge, and help selecting the coatings products you're looking for, local services, Industrial Coating Services and Coatings Equipment Manufacturers. Providing industry information, support and enabling solutions to help consumers and bulk buyers streamline the purchasing process.

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Precise customer group

Precise customer group-Focus on coatings segment

Collection of reliable Coatings supplier information from around the world. Help buyers and sellers establish initial digital contact and promote subsequent good cooperative sales relationships.

Digital tags

Smart, comprehensive digital filtering labels

Segmented label definitions for over 70 coating products, Application Facilities, and various coating equipment manufacturers. Help customers search faster, easier and more accurately.

Full-coverage marketing ecosystem

Multi-channel--Full-coverage marketing ecosystem

Use the Coatingsdirectory platform to drive traffic to your SNS social media or your brand’s independent website. Establish a full-coverage marketing closed loop. Help Coatings companies leave a stronger brand effect in the hearts of customers.

The global Coatingsdirectory ecosystem spans the entire industry

Every day, buyers and companies from all over the world use our platform to find the type of coating they need. Including industrial coatings, architectural coatings, decorative coatings, protective coatings, or special function coatings.

The painters and contractors at Local Painting Services help homeowners and offices achieve more personalized and healthier living spaces.

Reliable companies and facilities specializing in advanced coating technologies in various places help businesses achieve large-scale spraying, electrostatic powder coating, electrophoretic deposition, electroplating, anodizing, vapor deposition, surface conversion coating, passivation film and optical coating industries Coating services.

Discover the industry's leading manufacturers of Coatings equipment. Equip your business with advanced coating technology to optimize productivity and finish quality.

We provide a complete backend management system for registered coatings companies.

Many famous coatings brands cooperate with us to develop business

From large multinational groups to small start-ups, we have been committed to establishing equal and accurate customer group linkages for many years.

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